The best of the last month!

Hello lovers! 

Sorry that it has been a month. My computer broke, and I’m still waiting on a part to fix it.  Right now I’m writing this post on mobile, so please forgive grammar and if it’s shorter or less detailed than usual.

So it’s been another very kinky month for me. I’ve had some time with my current fave Dom: Kal, some sub time, hosted a Girls night, gone to a kink meet up and many sexual experiences in between.  

I’ll start with Girls Night, as that was very sexy! I thought it was going to be hanging out in pj’s and drinking and gossiping, but I guess I should know better than expecting a vanilla night when putting 4 kink girls together with alcohol! I’ve been really exploring my Domme side and have found that I am very dominant. My friends however are all very submissive.  The fun started when we were looking through my toys and one girl said “I’ve never done wax play, can you pour wax on me?” It all escalated from there. And escalated to me doing wax play on everybody and teaching them to flog. It ended in an all girl foursome on the floor. So that was unexpected and fun. Also a great bonding experience. I now have 3 friends who I can call on for group sex and threesomes any time I want! 

Part of my dominant side I’ve been exploring is dominating sissies and cucks.  And oh boy: I love this. One guy asked me what it would take for me to allow him to eat me out, so I told him a unicorn teddy bear.  He showed up with 2. After he pleasured me I made him kiss my feet and leave. There’s something empowering about using men like this. Especially knowing they get off to it. 

I’ve had some more sessions with my new sub. And can I just say wow. It is so fun to Domme in a proper dom/sub relationship. Watching his body quiver with anticipation when  I’m pouring wax on him, or putting clamps on his balls. The way I can get him off with sensation play without even touching his cock.  We’ve also been exploring humiliation, and things like me walking him around on a leash with a big butt plug in. It’s really satisfying.  I wish I could share pictures of ways I’ve had him restrained, and the things I’ve done to him, but he asks for discretion and I have no interest in breaking the trust we’ve built!

I have learned that I love dominating women or couples too. One of my friends brought a new guy over who she hoped I could teach to he more dominant and rough.  I had so much fun whipping and spanking her. And slapping her tits especially! I love seeing my handprint on others.

Group play is definitely my favourite. In fact I’m organizing an orgy at my home for next Sunday evening! I already have about 10 rsvps. So I’ll try to think to take some pictures and share that story here!

I think that’s about all I have patience  for typing on mobile right now, but now that I have it set up here I’ll check in more often with kinky stories! 

-Xoxo, Whore


My first experience as Dom!

This morning I had a new gentleman come over,. who is a local business owner. Being somebody who has lots of stress in his life he was really interested in finding a  younger girl to spoil in exchange for being dominated. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been spoiled by a man so I decided to give it a try and see how I like it.

From what I’ve read, being the Dom you need to make sure the sub is comfortable and know their limits. Being new to this himself he said he had no limits. So I made a joke about him drinking my urine. He quickly realized he had to put more thought into it. To start our hard lines are needle/blood play, anything to do with animals and all urine/feces play. Everything else is open to exploration!

I kept it simple for our first session. He had a punishment outstanding, so I made him bend over and keep track of the whips by counting and thanking me for each one. That was such a turn on. Hearing his voice saying “1. thank you mistress, 2. thank you mistress” etc. I could tell by his voice he was enjoying it and that honestly made me a little wet.

Once I had whipped him 20 times (for forgetting condoms), I put cuffs on his wrists and restrained him. I also put a blindfold on him. I ran a sensation wheel all over his body and watched as his hair stood up.

I attached a vibrating clip to his balls and he was clearly really into it. I told him he needed permission to cum. I sucked on his cock just a little, and went back to teasing him with the sensation wheel. I wasn’t even touching his cock (though the vibrating clip was still clamped on his balls) and he started to say “Oh no I’m going to cum” I told him he wasn’t allowed, but he did anyway. So I made him turn over for more floggings as punishment.

It wasn’t a very long play date. I think I’m going to ramp up on pain play next week. I definitely want to bring in wax candles and rope. As well I think I’ll put something in his ass. Who knows?! The possibilities are endless.

So needless to say I loved exploring my Dom side, even though I feel this was fairly tame. I can’t wait to get more into it. I guess in BDSM terms that means I’m probably a switch? Because I definitely still want to be dominated sometimes.

I don’t have as much planned for the rest of my week. Hopefully my Slave will come over this weekend sometime; laundry needs to be done, and it won’t wash itself!

-Xoxo, Whore

Baby’s first orgy 

Well friends. This was a night to remember. I picked up Kal (Dom I hooked up with last week) and we went to a man’s house downtown.  

My first impression of him was that he was friendly and welcoming.  We went to his basement “dungeon” which was an unfinished cement basement with a mattress in the corner.  He had a round table set up and some chairs. It was a man cave in every way. It looked a little sketchy, but I quickly forgot about my surroundings when the other two girls got there. 

They were both also BBW and very pretty. I didn’t have a lot of experience with girls but I was excited to learn! 

We sat around and talked and discussed limits. The other girls were a little shy so Kal and I went over to the mattress to get things started.  

While Kal and I were kissing and undressing the third guy showed up.  The rest of the group  gathered around.  I asked if anybody wanted to whip me.  I love being spanked and whipped. One of the girls volunteered and I happily bent over.  Kal throat fucked me while the rest took turns whipping and spanking me. 

After Kal whipped me he started fucking me from behind.  I know I said it in my last post about him but holy shit his cock is huge.  After a bit one of the other guys fucked me in the ass while I made out with the girl who had whipped me. There was so much going on but I’ll get to the highlights. 

I finally ate pussy! It was good, but I think I still prefer cock. While I was bent over eating her out the other girl slid under me and started eating me out. May I just say: women know how to eat pussy! I had an amazing orgasm from her. It was so good that I sat up and got very affectionate with her. I might have a crush on her. 

There was lots of kissing and fucking. At one point I put on a strap on and one of the girls rode me! Having her bent over my face with her hair hanging down around my face was so sexy. The strap on wasn’t very big so we decided to try a double ended dildo! This was

While she and I scissored I got one of the guys off with oral. 

After a while we all switched around and Kal fucked me really hard from behind and filled me with cum.  Then we sat back and watched one girl eat the other girl out so she could get off as well.  She ended up getting off to being fingered and we all got to see her squirt! This was my first time seeing somebody Squirt.  It was awesome. 

Needless to say I will he exploring more group stuff! 

– Xoxo, Whore 

Orgy night!

I got invited to a group thing tonight, and I’m definitely going to go!
So far it is 3 men and 2 women, with more people showing interest.

I’ll update tonight with the juicy details!

That being said, what’s the difference between group sex and an orgy? or are they synonymous?

-xoxo, Whoree

Awesome Night

I had a great night with my new play mate.

He ended up not using any toys. But he didn’t have to! He’s not a traditional Dom. He doesn’t demand a title. But he was certainly as rough as I needed. Lots of choking, spanking and throat fucking. His dick was so big I threw up 3 times (and luckily managed to swallow back down).  He also loves that I have a slave and is happy to let him come around and clean and watch. He told me next time he’s going to get even rougher.😍

Needless to say we will be seeing this one again.

-xoxo, whore

Exploring other roles

Today I explored the role of being a mistress for a slave. And let me just say: I could get used to it.

I was nervous and wanted advice, so prior to my slave coming over I invited one of my new Dom friends to give me advice.
He showed up about half an hour before my slave. It was my first time meeting him in person, and I have to say he was not at all like my previous Dom.  I guess in my mind there was a type. But now I know that’s not true. He was very sweet and helpful and relaxed. He told me to make sure the slave is comfortable, and that he could stay and oversee.

When my slave arrived he was pleased to have the company of a Dom as well, and more than comfortable all spending the evening together. I had him mix the Dom and I drinks, and do the dishes while we watched. Once the dishes were done to my expectations I gave him permission to eat his mistress out. The Dom watched.

This went on for a while until the Dom joined in. He nipples and slapped my tits. Then he pulled out his cock. To my delight it was a really nice thick cock. He grabbed my hair, and slapped my face. All the while my slave was still doing an excellent job eating me out. The Dom fucked my throat, and ordered the slave to make sure he was also fingering my ass. Another thing that was new to me was being spit on and liking it. The Dom spit in my mouth before fucking it, which I really enjoyed.

After a while the Dom came all over my face and chest, which we made the slave lick up. That marked the end of play time. I dismissed the slave to go home. The Dom and I briefly discussed the evening but at this point it was getting late so he took off as well.

Needless to say I had a very good night, and will certainly be keeping this slave, who also comes with some Bulls!

Though my last relationship ended pretty badly I am thankful he got me into this lifestyle and that i’ve looked imto the scene. I’m really enjoying myself in a way I wouldn’t have prior to dating him.

Until next adventure.

-xoxo, Whore

The End.

Turns out he was just using me as a distraction from his broken relationship, and the I love yous were lies. I got very caught up and attached, perhaps because of it being my first BDSM experience.

I’m feeling broken and unwanted as a result of the lies. I feel very trapped as he somehow convinced me to move in with him.

What I’ve learned is to not be gullible, and to stand up for myself.

I only hope my next journey in the BDSM community is one that leaves me feeling less used. Maybe I need to detach from romantic connections and focus on sexual encounters.

Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Perhaps as I heal I will have new experiences to share.

-Xoxo, Broken Girl

The Last Few Weeks

Well. A lot has happened since my last update.  Some good stuff, and some things I’m still over all uncertain  about.

A few weeks ago daddy came over and let himself in. I was waiting for him in my room as instructed.

He tied me up so that I was kneeling with my arms behind my back, wrists tied and attached to my ankles. The rope went all around my body.  Up my clit, around my boobs (very tightly, cutting off circulation), and up around my neck. He then blind folded me and taped my mouth shut.  I had never in my life been this helpless before.  It terrified me. He gave me 40 lashes on the pussy for a previously earned punishment.  This hurt so much it had me in tears.  I’m not sure if it’s because I was freshly shaved leaving my skin sensitive, or if taking away my ability to move, see or speak made me that much more aware of the pain.  He also put clamps on my nipples which also hurt like crazy.  Outside of that all I remember is being afraid, and wanting out.  I honestly don’t even recall if there was butt play  (there must have been because daddy loves butt play). Once he let me out of my ties I just laid there.  Unable to speak.  I didn’t find this enjoyable. I just wanted him to leave.


As you can imagine after that experience, and my reaction, things have slowed things down.

Last week he came over on tuesdaty after work. I made him pork chops (this is a big deal for me as I’ve been a vegetarian for 12 years). We fooled around lightly and had normal sex. We were supposed to see each other on Wednesday and Thursday as well,  but he cancelled.

This week I asked for a romance day, to see if it would help with the doubts I’ve been having.  He came over after work Tuesday and brought me dried flowers and a fall candle. We kissed, snuggled and watched TV.  We had some pretty good lube-less anal. And he made me dinner.  It was a pretty good day.

He came over again on Wednesday.  We talked for.a bit. Then went for a breezy walk on the beach. It was also mostly a nice day, just a few small hiccups.

I still don’t feel that my trust is coming back, and I’m still really anxious about continuing to delve into more kinks.  Daddy has his work cut out for him, if he chooses to stick around.

-xoxo babygirl