Bonding Day

Today was fairly tame. So those of you who are only here for the juicy sexual details: look for future posts! 🙂

Daddy and I took our dogs to the dog park and let them play. Followed by a beach day. I absolutely love relaxing time outside the bedroom with Daddy. It makes me feel really close to him, and adds to my belief that this is more than a sexual relationship.


At one point on the beach we walked around to a very private section where Daddy pinched my tender nipples, and roughed me up a little. He then said “Get on your knees”. I knelt down and sucked on his cock. He held my head down on his cock and choked me to the extent that I threw up twice. But I know I have to learn to deep throat, and that Daddy is just helping me learn. It didn’t take very long for to get Daddy off this time. He filled the back of my throat up with so much cum. He cums a lot more than other men I’ve been with.

We then walked back to our beach blanket and just talked and snuggled. It was a really great day. He says tomorrow we are going to work on obedience training, deep throat training, and he’ll try to teach me some humility. I’m excited but also anxious about it.  I am worried that my naturally sassy personality and diva ways are going to get me in a lot of trouble.

Also he took this picture today that shows how bruised my ass is from yesterday’s beating.


Xoxo – Babygirl


Today’s recap

Today started out pretty rough. A lot of bad stuff going on with my family life, on top of which I have my period so I’ve felt very sick all day.

I let Daddy know that I was not feeling very well, and may not be a very good cock-socket today, however he still chose to come over.

He arrived around 5, and was very tired from work. We talked about metal music, and cuddled and listened to some songs he thought I’d like. After a while he said “Will you successfully please Daddy today?” Of course I said yes. We kissed a little and he squeezed my nipples. Which I still find to be the most painful thing he has done to me so far. My nipples are permanently in pain now.

I was ordered to put my butt plug in, and chastised for  having taken it out. I was surprised how easily I was able to get the large plug in, especially without any foreplay. Daddy then took my leather collar and slapped my ass with it. This hurt much more than the whip or crop hurt.  He then gave me 40 slaps with it as punishment for my rebellious streak yesterday. This left my ass very bruised and swollen. I’ll include a picture he took at the end of this post.

Then I went on to pull off Daddy’s pants and suck his cock. I sucked his cock for at least an hour. My jaw was aching and I was getting frustrated mentally not being able to get him off. We discussed that perhaps more mental stimulants would help. We turned on some bdsm porn for him to watch, which I could definitely tell he enjoyed doing. But then I found myself getting distracted watching. I said “daddy, this really makes me want to take your cock in my ass”

Daddy gave me permission to ride his cock with my ass, and that he’d even allow me to use lube. I was terrified. I was barely able to take his cock with foreplay. I crawled on top of him, but lube on his cock, and to my surprise I had no problem taking his entire cock. And let me just say Daddy has a large thick cock, so I was very pleased with myself. His cock felt soooooo good inside me. This surprised me too. As I rode his cock I started to feel as if I would orgasm. I said “daddy, can I cum?” “No, not yet Babygirl”. I started to slow down a bit but he demanded I keep up the pace. I could tell Daddy liked the way he felt inside of me as well. after a bit I said “Daddy, can I please cum now?” “Yes. Cum for me Babygirl” A few more thrusts and I screamed out and pulled up off his cock. As I reached back to grab it he too shot cum out. A lot of cum. I then collapsed beside him. We laid there quietly. Taking it all in. I couldn’t believe I had taken his cock, and even more shocking that I had such an amazing orgasm from anal only, no stimulation anywhere else. I think Daddy too, was pleased. Just a week ago I didn’t think I’d ever be able to have anal sex. Before Daddy left he had me put in my largest butt plug again, and I’ll be keeping it in as much as possible for homework.

That’s it for now my darlings. Hopefully I will see him again tomorrow and have an update. For now, here is the picture of my bruised ass as promised.


Xoxo – Babygirl

Our first Anal Milestone

August 28th will be known as the first big milestone for Daddy and I.

It had been decided that he sees me as his Babygirl, due to my age and inexperience, and he would like to be called Daddy. I was very hesitant to call him Daddy, as I thought it would make me think of my father. But I now happily know I never once made the comparison while we were playing. I’m happy to be comfortable calling him by his preferred title.

Daddy arrived just after 8 pm. I was in a dress with no panties, just as he likes. I led him to my room where he laid down. Sundays are meant to be about pleasing Daddy. I climbed on top of him, and we talked and kissed. I pulled off my dress as requested, and he unhooked my bra. Then he took his pants off and I went to work sucking his cock. I love watching his reactions. Sometimes he looks down at me as well.

After a while I said “Daddy, can I ride your cock?” and he said “You may Babygirl.” I rode him quite hard. At one point he demanded I get off, so I did. After which I wanted a break, as I always do. But Daddy demanded I continue to ride. So I did so slowly, but he demanded I speed up. I had 2 more orgasms before he let me take a break. Then I turned around for us to try reverse cowgirl. It was a bit awkward getting into this position as I had never tried it, but it felt very good.

After riding in that position for a bit I climbed off and went back to sucking Daddy’s cock. After a while we began to interact a bit, and I admitted that I was having too much fun sucking his cock and didn’t want him to get off for a while.

To punish me, he slapped me. I really liked the feeling of his hand hitting my face. I stared at him in response. So he slapped me a few more times. Then I slapped him back. I know this is discouraged, but I really do have a wild streak that will take time to tame. He then slapped me again. We began to wrestle as I giggled wildly, as I considered this to be great fun.

To stop me from squirming around he pinched my nipples, which are permanently tender and sore at this point. I sat back. Then he sat back. Daddy looked very stern. At this point he gave me a very serious lecture. I had upset him. Sundays are about pleasing Daddy, and being rebellious does not please Daddy. I had been a bad Babygirl. I noticed then that he was truly upset, and his erection was gone.

He laid back as I sat there, staring at my fingers. We easily sat there for 10 minutes. I didn’t know what to say, I again was reconsidering if this lifestyle was for me. Do I want to be tamed? Finally I found my voice, and expressed my fears. Finally Daddy’s frown relaxed and he told me he wasn’t angry, just upset. That I had to learn that Sunday’s were about pleasing Daddy. The sub/dom relationship isn’t about changing who I am, but being obedient in the bedroom, and showing him respect. There is a time for my sass, and for me to be silly, but it is certainly not on Sunday nights.

I apologized, and crawled up beside him. He said “You still haven’t pleased Daddy”. so I went back down to towards the end of the bed and played with his cock until it was hard again. Sucking and playing with it like before. Daddy demanded that I flip around so that I’m sucking his cock on the opposite angle, so I straddled him, with my ass in his face and his cock in my mouth. Daddy then began to finger my clit and lick my asshole. This felt very good. He then started to press around my ass with a finger. I found myself leaning back onto his finger. It felt so good.

I comfortably took his whole finger in my ass. Daddy expressed how pleased he was, especially when I confirmed how good it felt. He said “Maybe it’s time for me to just take your ass!” and I said “Daddy please take my ass”. he got off the bed, and finished stripping naked. He found the lube in my toy box. I positioned myself at the edge of the bed, face down. He poured lube all over my ass and rubbed it onto his cock. He then stood behind me and put his cock against my ass hole. I slowly pushed onto it. It was painful, but it also felt sooo amazing to finally be taking some of his cock. I was able to push back onto his cock entirely.

After a few slow thrusts Daddy’s cock felt amazing in me. He was then able to start to fuck my ass pretty hard. This felt amazing. And knowing how pleased he was made it feel that much better.

After fucking my ass for a while Daddy wanted to see what else he could do to my ass. He went back to my toy box and pulled out some toys. He then was able to slide one of my dildos all the way in. This pleased Daddy even more. After which he took a second dildo and slowly slid it in my pussy. I’ve never felt so full. This was a really strange and slightly painful sensation. Daddy was pleased that I could take so much in. He continually praised me for being such a good Babygirl, especially when I was able to take both toys. He may have said something along the lines of “Oh baby girl, I think I love you”. After a little more ass play we finished up. During our anal experiences I had at least 5 orgasms, I lost count.

Daddy and I then laid down, for a bit of aftercare. It was now 11 pm, and he soon had to leave. He was so full of smiles. He asked some questions about how it felt, what I had expected. The way he was smiling at me made my heart melt.It’s insane how much I trust this man after so little time. In our discussions I asked if I was officially his Babygirl now, and he said yes. I’m just so happy that we hit our first goal on the way to me becoming the perfect piece of fuck meat for my man. Next up: I want him to cum in my ass.

That’s it for now, I really need some rest and recovery time. I will hopefully have more sexy tales later this week.

Xoxo – Babygirl

Last Week

I spent most of the last few days with Master, as they were his days off. Because of how hesitant I’ve been we agreed that Wednesday would be snuggles and movies and Thursday would be our play day.

Before Master arrived on Wednesday I had a pretty big fight with my roommate. Turns out he doesn’t appreciate me having Master over, and has asked that I move out by October. This left me pretty upset. When Master arrived I was still in my towel post-shower and hadn’t yet put on makeup. Master told me I was beautiful without the makeup, and held me to comfort me. We ended up watching the phantom of the opera, making some dinner, then watching the Crow. It was a really fun evening filled with lots of laughter and snuggles. At point we even had normal vanilla sex, which I didn’t know would be a thing anymore.

Thursday master arrived just after lunch. I left the door unlocked and was waiting for him in a red lace under-bust corset and nothing else, not even makeup (which is huge for me because I’m a bit of a Diva). He acknowledged that he liked what he saw. We talked for a few minutes, then I was growled for not presenting. I then did the front and back poses as he taught me.

He had me return to rear presentation with my ass up, and touched me all over as if he was admiring what he saw. I love when he does this. It makes me feel sexy as well as confident that Master is pleased with my body. Once he finished admiring me he began to play with my clit. Eventually he worked up to putting his fingers inside me and pressing on my g-spot. He then blindfolded me and had me turn over. Master asked that I show him how I pleasure myself with toys. While fucking myself with one of my dildos he used a vibrator on my clit. I wanted to get off very badly, and asked for permission to several times, but he would not allow it. I find it very hard to mentally deny orgasms but I was able to.

Once he was pleased with how frustrated I was he had me resume back pose. He began to finger me again with two fingers pressing in against my g-spot. For some reason this really hurt. Maybe it was because I was sensitive having denied an orgasm for so long.

I began to cry a little in pain, which led to me being unable to stop crying out of frustration for current worries in my life, with having to move and other more personal family problems. Master asked if he should continue and I said yes. But eventually when he asked if he should stop I agreed. I ended up in a very bad, self-degrading headspace and I decided it wasn’t beneficial to either of us to  continue.

Master laid down and asked me to join him. He held me and asked what was wrong but I couldn’t really use my words. So he continued to hold me, and let me cry it out. He told me I was beautiful and rubbed my back. I apologized a few times for ruining our play, but he wasn’t at all upset with me. He said his main priority is my health and safety, both physically and emotionally. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have found this man. This really eliminated most of my fears that he was only using me for sexual pleasure.

He held me like that for a long time, throughout which we occasionally kissed. After quite a while that somehow led to me riding his cock. Master really enjoyed this, and so did I. It wasn’t fast and hard, but really quite slow and passionate in a way we hadn’t experienced together until now. I did not expect to have “normal” sex with master at any time, much less two days in a row.

I really feel like master already understands my needs. He gave me the exact support and attention I needed. I admire him even more after these last few days. I still find it strange, just how much I desire him. I’ve never been like this with anybody before.

Until next time, my dears.

-xoxo Whore


Let Down

Master was supposed to come over after work today. About an hour after I had expected him he let me know he wasn’t coming, and that he would see me Wednesday.

I feel very let down, and this reinforces my fear that I’m just a tool to be used at his leisure. I know that can be a part of of a sub/dominant relationship, but I’m not sure it’s a part I’m going to accept for me personally.

As usual I’m probably over-thinking things, and perhaps he did just have a really bad day. I like to think if that’s the case he’d want to see me even more.

Do any of you have experience with this? I’m still new, but I’d love some advice on how to cope. Or maybe some insight on how to genuinely see this as only a sexual relationship.


– Whore

Post first session & second play date

Wednesday I woke up in a lot of pain. I was surprised that my whole body ached. I suppose my body isn’t used to having this much play. The worst part by far was (and still is) my nipples and breasts. They are speckled in red and a few dark purple bruises.

Master had other obligations Thursday, but we made the best of the few hours we had together that morning. I was still pretty hesitant and wanted to ease into things, so the only thing I asked was that he go easy on my breasts. He reminded me that I shouldn’t make demands, but mostly obliged.

I was supposed to have my medium butt plug already in place, however I did not. Master was upset, but I was already looking forward to being punished. The first thing we started with, was going over how Master wants me to present myself, there is a proper position for front presentation, and back presentation. While I was presenting my ass Master played with my clit and inserted my butt plug. One in he had me sit facing him.

He tied my hands together in front of me, using a cute little black and red silk restraint I had recently purchased. He then had me sit back, and took a long piece of rope. He wrapped it around one ankle, then back behind my bed, around to the other side where he wrapped the rope around my other ankle. He continued like this until my legs were completely immobile, stretched up and open in the air.

Once he was satisfied that I was secured he started to rub my pussy. I was already very wet, as being around Master at all has that affect on me. He got out my pocket vibrator and put it directly on my clit as he put two fingers deep inside me. He got me off very quickly this way. I get very sensitive when I cum, and with my arms restrained in front of me I reached down to push his hand with the vibrator away.

Master did not like that. He slapped my sore breasts. He took out my handcuffs and cuffed my arms back over my head so I could no longer interfere. He then went back to work getting me off, occasionally whipping me, playing with my ass and licking my clit. He continued the pressure after each orgasm so that I just kept having orgasms one after another. After 8 orgasms I was begging Master to stop as I was soooo sensitive. He obliged, however it was punishment time. I had been a bad Whore, so I accepted the punishment as required. Master took the whip and gave me 30 lashings on the crotch. I had to count out each one. “One, Master. Two, Master” etc. This was particularly painful as I was so sensitive from all the orgasms he had given me. When he finished he untied me, and held me until he had to leave.

I still have so many questions and so much research to do regarding the world of BDSM. Never did I imagine a scenario where this would turn into Master coming over for a few hours, giving me multiple orgasms, and then leaving before I had a chance to please him in return.

My biggest concern so far is how attached I am getting to master. I need to remember to view this as a learning experience, and though I want to build the trust between us I have to be careful not to get too emotionally attached.

Until next time,
Xoxo- Whore



First “Play” Experience

I’m going to be honest. I was terrified for Tuesday, our first play-date.

We had been texting regularly since our beach day on Thursday, and I was still very interested in Master, and curious about the role as a sub. But still very hesitant. In fact, at once point Master e-mailed me an agenda:

Presenting for Master
Bondage & breast bondage
Anal play in bondage
Forced orgasms in bondage
Orgasm denial in bondage
Introduction to:
Humiliation and degradation
Impact play
Throat fucking
Past punishments due
Forced orgasms under duress
Breeding Whore’s ass

Needless to say, I was insanely intimidated. As somebody who had only had normal sex in the past, I panicked. I responded asking to slow things down. I felt sick in the pit of my stomach, thinking that this attractive, funny, interesting man would lose all interest in me. To his credit he responded with:

“We don’t have to. I just wanted to touch on a broad stroke of things to see how you react to them so I could get an idea of where to focus in on things. However you want to proceed with play is completely COMPLETELY up to you. If you want to continue much like we did with the wax, we can certainly do that.”

It was as I read this that I knew he was going to be the perfect master for me. I had been doing some research on my own, much of which said early on the sub can set limits, and that the master should never intentionally want to cause harm to them. So I was very happy that master fit that description, and pleased that he didn’t want to rush at a pace I wasn’t prepared for. I went to sleep, once again confident that this was going to be a fun journey.


Tuesday morning. I woke up early and had a nice long bath. As requested by Master I wear a dress with no underwear. I put out 2 towels, and the various toys and tools that I have available. A candle, a collar, a riding crop, a whip, butt plugs and nipple clamps. I had no intention of using all of these things, but wanted them available if things went that way.
Master arrived in the morning, and greeted me with a kiss. I led him to my bedroom and shut the door. He had a backpack with him, out of which he took out 2 kinds of rope, a pocket knife, and proper restraint cuffs, lube, and condoms. Between the two of us we were really ready for anything.

Now bear with me, as I’ve never had to summarize experiences like this before. I’ll try to be detailed. First we just kissed and talked and took things slow. As the kissing heated up he told me to get naked. I obliged master and took off my dress and bra. Master then told me to turn around and assume doggy position on the bed. Again, I listened. He took my arms behind my back and restrained them with the cuffs. I realized now how just having one restraint incorporated I could be so helpless. There I was bent over, face against the bed to the side with my ass exposed in the air. Master rubbed and slapped my ass as he started to play with my pussy. This felt amazing. As a general rule i’ve always loved finger play, and this was no exception. He then started to play with my ass as well, pouring lube all over it. Let it be known that I have next to no experirence with anal sex, and was very nervous.

Over the next few hours master played with my clit using my vibrator as well as playing with my ass. He was able to get up to the medium sized butt plug while doing so. Now I lost count of how many times I got off during this period at 15. Once I cum my clit gets very sensitive, and I typically cease all touching there, but master would not allow that, and would not stop when asked. I learned that this is called forced orgasms. He just kept going. It felt awful but so amazing. Then he would keep playing but demand I not get off. So I would have to try to restrain myself and psychologically overcome the feeling until master allowed me to come. At times I would be begging to be allowed, and he would make me wait.

Master then allowed me a small break. He removed the cuffs so I could stretch, but I was required to keep the butt plug in this entire time. After the small break I was commanded to resume position, and he once again restrained my hands behind my back. Next, Master moved on to introducing me to pain. He started by lashing me lightly with my new whip. He would get harder and harder each time. After a while he checked in to ask if it hurt, I said “yes”. “Good hurt, or bad hurt?” The response of course was good hurt. I was hooked. He then also whipped me with the riding crop. After a while he went back to play with my ass and my clit at the same time, occasionally fingering my pussy. Then he uncuffed me, and had me flip over, and restrained my hands in front. He went on to lash and whip the top of my body, from my breasts down to my thighs. Then he lit a candle, and poured hot wax all down my body, focusing on my nipples. Once the wax cooled he whipped it off with the riding crop. By this point my nipples were very tender.

Once he was rid of the wax he had me turn back into doggy, with my arms restrained behind me, and once again went on to butt play. This time he took out the medium butt plug (which had been there all this time) and eased his cock into my ass. This hurt a little. He reminded me to breathe, and slowly I was able to take much of his cock. He allowed me to push back on it at my own pace. After a bit he then took his cock out and started to try and work in the largest of the three butt plugs. This is the only time in our entire adventure I asked him to stop as it was very painful. He obliged instantly, and instructed me to slowly pull forward off of the larger butt plug. He undid my restraints and I collapsed.

He crawled into bed with me and held me. I’m not sure how long we were like this, frankly all I remember was my body feeling like jelly, feeling almost drunk, and not being able to put together words, as he tried to discuss what I did and didn’t like about what we had done so far. I think this is what they call subspace. It was like I was in another world.

Once I got myself together he had me stand up. Next he pulled out the rope. He cut off a fairly lengthy piece and started to wrap it around my breasts. Occasionally going through the middle, and a couple of times around my neck, almost like a halter top. He kept getting tighter and tighter until my boobs felt like they would explode. He tied the rope and left them this way for a while. During which he licked and bit my nipples. He also whipped them, then attached the nipple clamps to my already very tender nipples. After a bit of kissing and teasing, he slowly unraveled the rope, my breasts hurting more each time they loosened up, and then once they were loose he pulled the clamps off. I don’t think it would be over-exaggerating to say that this was the most painful experience of my life. This all only happened yesterday, but my nipples are still incredibly sore.

Once my breasts were free we played around with a little more touching and whipping, until it was decided that it was Master’s turn. I mean, he had only gotten me off a couple dozen times, surely he should cum as well. I easily spent the next hour playing with Master’s cock. I’m not just saying this for entertainment value, but he has a really great thick cock. I loved hearing his reactions to the different ways I would move my tongue, and the little sound he makes when I would play with his balls just right. After sucking his cock for a while I asked “Master, can I ride your cock?” “You may whore”. I smiled and climbed on top of him, sliding his cock inside me. Another thing that should be noted is that I get very wet. Definitely above average dripping (especially since we had been playing for what has now been several hours). Once I got off again on his cock I moved back down to sucking. He grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock up my throat. He said “You’re going to have to learn to deep throat this cock if you’re going to be my Whore”.

Shortly after I was able to get Master off, happily swallowing all of his cum. And as I was taught I said “Thank you for letting me please you Master” and he responded with “You’re welcome Whore”. I then once again collapsed beside him, and we held each other for a while.

Now any further details are probably not at all interesting after what I’ve done my best to summarize. We talked, discussed the roles a bit further, talked about what we liked, where I need to improve, that kind of thing. It was decided he would go home for a bit, and then we’d spend the evening at the beach.

I really must say, that if this is what being a submissive is, I can certainly get used to it.
Now it’s 1:30 am Thursday morning, and I have to be up early as I’ll be seeing master again during the day, and I haven’t yet done my homework. I’m a bit worried for what the punishment for that will be, but I really feel it’s important to keep this blog up to date, and to get as much detail down before time passes and it’s less clear in my mind.

I expect today to be much less vigorous, as I’m still recovering from Tuesday. Let us hope master will be kind. I’ll leave you with this picture of my ass, after my first flogging ever.

-Xoxo, Whore.

butt for blog


How it all started

Hello internet,

This will be my personal journal and recounting of the adventure I am embarking on. I plan to be as detailed as possible here, for my own pleasure, and if you’re reading, hopefully for yours.

Everything started Sunday, August 7th. I was hanging out at a friend’s cottage, having some wine with him and discussing the dating scene. He was particularly sour about Tinder, and the lack of matches he was making. We decided it would be a funny social experiment for me to install Tinder for one night, to see how many matches I got, then uninstall it the next day. Just to show how different online dating is for men and women. It should be noted I was not looking for any kind of relationship, let alone what I found.

The next morning we laughed about how I received 47 matches, and that I had received several messages already. As I scrolled through to see who I had matched with one man caught my eye. Appearance wise he was completely my type. Tall, strong, facial hair, tattoos. So rather than quickly uninstall, I messaged him back. I explained that I had only installed Tinder as a social experiment, but passed on my phone number, in case he wanted to stay in contact.

We texted most of the day, learning about each other in the usual way. He revealed something to me, that really is the start of this journey. He explained that he is very dominant, and is looking for a submissive. I’ve always considered myself to be a sexual person, and thought I was reasonably experienced, but I’d never delved into the world of BDSM or done any real fetish play. I was instantly intrigued. We agreed to meet on Thursday, August 11th at the beach. Just to get to know each other, no pressure.

Meeting at the beach was a great idea. It wasn’t too hot out, but a nice summer day. We layed down on our separate blankets and just talked about life and our interests and got to know each other. It started to rain so we went swimming, since we were getting wet anyway. It was there in the water that we finally touched. I felt an instant attraction and connection. We stayed in the water for a good hour. Making out and light finger play, before going back to shore. There he explained a little more what a dominant/submissive relationship can be like, and different things we can explore.

The tide started to roll in, so we had to head out. What a day already! I had a lot to consider.

I drove home with a smile on my face. As I got home, there was a text from him, that asked what I was up to later that night. I had no plans.

He came over with a documentary we had discussed to watch. We cuddled, and made out some more, and one thing led to another we decided on our first step into me being submissive. We had to go with what was available, in this case, hot wax. I laid on my bed naked as he poured freshly melted wax all over me. I was shocked by how it hurt, but also by how amazing it felt. He then let it cool, and slapped it off of me. We then went back to cuddling and talking and listening to music, as the documentary had finished.

Later that night when he went home I couldn’t stop smiling. He already had me under his spell. After one day I knew I wanted to be his Whore.