How it all started

Hello internet,

This will be my personal journal and recounting of the adventure I am embarking on. I plan to be as detailed as possible here, for my own pleasure, and if you’re reading, hopefully for yours.

Everything started Sunday, August 7th. I was hanging out at a friend’s cottage, having some wine with him and discussing the dating scene. He was particularly sour about Tinder, and the lack of matches he was making. We decided it would be a funny social experiment for me to install Tinder for one night, to see how many matches I got, then uninstall it the next day. Just to show how different online dating is for men and women. It should be noted I was not looking for any kind of relationship, let alone what I found.

The next morning we laughed about how I received 47 matches, and that I had received several messages already. As I scrolled through to see who I had matched with one man caught my eye. Appearance wise he was completely my type. Tall, strong, facial hair, tattoos. So rather than quickly uninstall, I messaged him back. I explained that I had only installed Tinder as a social experiment, but passed on my phone number, in case he wanted to stay in contact.

We texted most of the day, learning about each other in the usual way. He revealed something to me, that really is the start of this journey. He explained that he is very dominant, and is looking for a submissive. I’ve always considered myself to be a sexual person, and thought I was reasonably experienced, but I’d never delved into the world of BDSM or done any real fetish play. I was instantly intrigued. We agreed to meet on Thursday, August 11th at the beach. Just to get to know each other, no pressure.

Meeting at the beach was a great idea. It wasn’t too hot out, but a nice summer day. We layed down on our separate blankets and just talked about life and our interests and got to know each other. It started to rain so we went swimming, since we were getting wet anyway. It was there in the water that we finally touched. I felt an instant attraction and connection. We stayed in the water for a good hour. Making out and light finger play, before going back to shore. There he explained a little more what a dominant/submissive relationship can be like, and different things we can explore.

The tide started to roll in, so we had to head out. What a day already! I had a lot to consider.

I drove home with a smile on my face. As I got home, there was a text from him, that asked what I was up to later that night. I had no plans.

He came over with a documentary we had discussed to watch. We cuddled, and made out some more, and one thing led to another we decided on our first step into me being submissive. We had to go with what was available, in this case, hot wax. I laid on my bed naked as he poured freshly melted wax all over me. I was shocked by how it hurt, but also by how amazing it felt. He then let it cool, and slapped it off of me. We then went back to cuddling and talking and listening to music, as the documentary had finished.

Later that night when he went home I couldn’t stop smiling. He already had me under his spell. After one day I knew I wanted to be his Whore.


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