Post first session & second play date

Wednesday I woke up in a lot of pain. I was surprised that my whole body ached. I suppose my body isn’t used to having this much play. The worst part by far was (and still is) my nipples and breasts. They are speckled in red and a few dark purple bruises.

Master had other obligations Thursday, but we made the best of the few hours we had together that morning. I was still pretty hesitant and wanted to ease into things, so the only thing I asked was that he go easy on my breasts. He reminded me that I shouldn’t make demands, but mostly obliged.

I was supposed to have my medium butt plug already in place, however I did not. Master was upset, but I was already looking forward to being punished. The first thing we started with, was going over how Master wants me to present myself, there is a proper position for front presentation, and back presentation. While I was presenting my ass Master played with my clit and inserted my butt plug. One in he had me sit facing him.

He tied my hands together in front of me, using a cute little black and red silk restraint I had recently purchased. He then had me sit back, and took a long piece of rope. He wrapped it around one ankle, then back behind my bed, around to the other side where he wrapped the rope around my other ankle. He continued like this until my legs were completely immobile, stretched up and open in the air.

Once he was satisfied that I was secured he started to rub my pussy. I was already very wet, as being around Master at all has that affect on me. He got out my pocket vibrator and put it directly on my clit as he put two fingers deep inside me. He got me off very quickly this way. I get very sensitive when I cum, and with my arms restrained in front of me I reached down to push his hand with the vibrator away.

Master did not like that. He slapped my sore breasts. He took out my handcuffs and cuffed my arms back over my head so I could no longer interfere. He then went back to work getting me off, occasionally whipping me, playing with my ass and licking my clit. He continued the pressure after each orgasm so that I just kept having orgasms one after another. After 8 orgasms I was begging Master to stop as I was soooo sensitive. He obliged, however it was punishment time. I had been a bad Whore, so I accepted the punishment as required. Master took the whip and gave me 30 lashings on the crotch. I had to count out each one. “One, Master. Two, Master” etc. This was particularly painful as I was so sensitive from all the orgasms he had given me. When he finished he untied me, and held me until he had to leave.

I still have so many questions and so much research to do regarding the world of BDSM. Never did I imagine a scenario where this would turn into Master coming over for a few hours, giving me multiple orgasms, and then leaving before I had a chance to please him in return.

My biggest concern so far is how attached I am getting to master. I need to remember to view this as a learning experience, and though I want to build the trust between us I have to be careful not to get too emotionally attached.

Until next time,
Xoxo- Whore




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