Last Week

I spent most of the last few days with Master, as they were his days off. Because of how hesitant I’ve been we agreed that Wednesday would be snuggles and movies and Thursday would be our play day.

Before Master arrived on Wednesday I had a pretty big fight with my roommate. Turns out he doesn’t appreciate me having Master over, and has asked that I move out by October. This left me pretty upset. When Master arrived I was still in my towel post-shower and hadn’t yet put on makeup. Master told me I was beautiful without the makeup, and held me to comfort me. We ended up watching the phantom of the opera, making some dinner, then watching the Crow. It was a really fun evening filled with lots of laughter and snuggles. At point we even had normal vanilla sex, which I didn’t know would be a thing anymore.

Thursday master arrived just after lunch. I left the door unlocked and was waiting for him in a red lace under-bust corset and nothing else, not even makeup (which is huge for me because I’m a bit of a Diva). He acknowledged that he liked what he saw. We talked for a few minutes, then I was growled for not presenting. I then did the front and back poses as he taught me.

He had me return to rear presentation with my ass up, and touched me all over as if he was admiring what he saw. I love when he does this. It makes me feel sexy as well as confident that Master is pleased with my body. Once he finished admiring me he began to play with my clit. Eventually he worked up to putting his fingers inside me and pressing on my g-spot. He then blindfolded me and had me turn over. Master asked that I show him how I pleasure myself with toys. While fucking myself with one of my dildos he used a vibrator on my clit. I wanted to get off very badly, and asked for permission to several times, but he would not allow it. I find it very hard to mentally deny orgasms but I was able to.

Once he was pleased with how frustrated I was he had me resume back pose. He began to finger me again with two fingers pressing in against my g-spot. For some reason this really hurt. Maybe it was because I was sensitive having denied an orgasm for so long.

I began to cry a little in pain, which led to me being unable to stop crying out of frustration for current worries in my life, with having to move and other more personal family problems. Master asked if he should continue and I said yes. But eventually when he asked if he should stop I agreed. I ended up in a very bad, self-degrading headspace and I decided it wasn’t beneficial to either of us to  continue.

Master laid down and asked me to join him. He held me and asked what was wrong but I couldn’t really use my words. So he continued to hold me, and let me cry it out. He told me I was beautiful and rubbed my back. I apologized a few times for ruining our play, but he wasn’t at all upset with me. He said his main priority is my health and safety, both physically and emotionally. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have found this man. This really eliminated most of my fears that he was only using me for sexual pleasure.

He held me like that for a long time, throughout which we occasionally kissed. After quite a while that somehow led to me riding his cock. Master really enjoyed this, and so did I. It wasn’t fast and hard, but really quite slow and passionate in a way we hadn’t experienced together until now. I did not expect to have “normal” sex with master at any time, much less two days in a row.

I really feel like master already understands my needs. He gave me the exact support and attention I needed. I admire him even more after these last few days. I still find it strange, just how much I desire him. I’ve never been like this with anybody before.

Until next time, my dears.

-xoxo Whore



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