Our first Anal Milestone

August 28th will be known as the first big milestone for Daddy and I.

It had been decided that he sees me as his Babygirl, due to my age and inexperience, and he would like to be called Daddy. I was very hesitant to call him Daddy, as I thought it would make me think of my father. But I now happily know I never once made the comparison while we were playing. I’m happy to be comfortable calling him by his preferred title.

Daddy arrived just after 8 pm. I was in a dress with no panties, just as he likes. I led him to my room where he laid down. Sundays are meant to be about pleasing Daddy. I climbed on top of him, and we talked and kissed. I pulled off my dress as requested, and he unhooked my bra. Then he took his pants off and I went to work sucking his cock. I love watching his reactions. Sometimes he looks down at me as well.

After a while I said “Daddy, can I ride your cock?” and he said “You may Babygirl.” I rode him quite hard. At one point he demanded I get off, so I did. After which I wanted a break, as I always do. But Daddy demanded I continue to ride. So I did so slowly, but he demanded I speed up. I had 2 more orgasms before he let me take a break. Then I turned around for us to try reverse cowgirl. It was a bit awkward getting into this position as I had never tried it, but it felt very good.

After riding in that position for a bit I climbed off and went back to sucking Daddy’s cock. After a while we began to interact a bit, and I admitted that I was having too much fun sucking his cock and didn’t want him to get off for a while.

To punish me, he slapped me. I really liked the feeling of his hand hitting my face. I stared at him in response. So he slapped me a few more times. Then I slapped him back. I know this is discouraged, but I really do have a wild streak that will take time to tame. He then slapped me again. We began to wrestle as I giggled wildly, as I considered this to be great fun.

To stop me from squirming around he pinched my nipples, which are permanently tender and sore at this point. I sat back. Then he sat back. Daddy looked very stern. At this point he gave me a very serious lecture. I had upset him. Sundays are about pleasing Daddy, and being rebellious does not please Daddy. I had been a bad Babygirl. I noticed then that he was truly upset, and his erection was gone.

He laid back as I sat there, staring at my fingers. We easily sat there for 10 minutes. I didn’t know what to say, I again was reconsidering if this lifestyle was for me. Do I want to be tamed? Finally I found my voice, and expressed my fears. Finally Daddy’s frown relaxed and he told me he wasn’t angry, just upset. That I had to learn that Sunday’s were about pleasing Daddy. The sub/dom relationship isn’t about changing who I am, but being obedient in the bedroom, and showing him respect. There is a time for my sass, and for me to be silly, but it is certainly not on Sunday nights.

I apologized, and crawled up beside him. He said “You still haven’t pleased Daddy”. so I went back down to towards the end of the bed and played with his cock until it was hard again. Sucking and playing with it like before. Daddy demanded that I flip around so that I’m sucking his cock on the opposite angle, so I straddled him, with my ass in his face and his cock in my mouth. Daddy then began to finger my clit and lick my asshole. This felt very good. He then started to press around my ass with a finger. I found myself leaning back onto his finger. It felt so good.

I comfortably took his whole finger in my ass. Daddy expressed how pleased he was, especially when I confirmed how good it felt. He said “Maybe it’s time for me to just take your ass!” and I said “Daddy please take my ass”. he got off the bed, and finished stripping naked. He found the lube in my toy box. I positioned myself at the edge of the bed, face down. He poured lube all over my ass and rubbed it onto his cock. He then stood behind me and put his cock against my ass hole. I slowly pushed onto it. It was painful, but it also felt sooo amazing to finally be taking some of his cock. I was able to push back onto his cock entirely.

After a few slow thrusts Daddy’s cock felt amazing in me. He was then able to start to fuck my ass pretty hard. This felt amazing. And knowing how pleased he was made it feel that much better.

After fucking my ass for a while Daddy wanted to see what else he could do to my ass. He went back to my toy box and pulled out some toys. He then was able to slide one of my dildos all the way in. This pleased Daddy even more. After which he took a second dildo and slowly slid it in my pussy. I’ve never felt so full. This was a really strange and slightly painful sensation. Daddy was pleased that I could take so much in. He continually praised me for being such a good Babygirl, especially when I was able to take both toys. He may have said something along the lines of “Oh baby girl, I think I love you”. After a little more ass play we finished up. During our anal experiences I had at least 5 orgasms, I lost count.

Daddy and I then laid down, for a bit of aftercare. It was now 11 pm, and he soon had to leave. He was so full of smiles. He asked some questions about how it felt, what I had expected. The way he was smiling at me made my heart melt.It’s insane how much I trust this man after so little time. In our discussions I asked if I was officially his Babygirl now, and he said yes. I’m just so happy that we hit our first goal on the way to me becoming the perfect piece of fuck meat for my man. Next up: I want him to cum in my ass.

That’s it for now, I really need some rest and recovery time. I will hopefully have more sexy tales later this week.

Xoxo – Babygirl


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