Bonding Day

Today was fairly tame. So those of you who are only here for the juicy sexual details: look for future posts! 🙂

Daddy and I took our dogs to the dog park and let them play. Followed by a beach day. I absolutely love relaxing time outside the bedroom with Daddy. It makes me feel really close to him, and adds to my belief that this is more than a sexual relationship.


At one point on the beach we walked around to a very private section where Daddy pinched my tender nipples, and roughed me up a little. He then said “Get on your knees”. I knelt down and sucked on his cock. He held my head down on his cock and choked me to the extent that I threw up twice. But I know I have to learn to deep throat, and that Daddy is just helping me learn. It didn’t take very long for to get Daddy off this time. He filled the back of my throat up with so much cum. He cums a lot more than other men I’ve been with.

We then walked back to our beach blanket and just talked and snuggled. It was a really great day. He says tomorrow we are going to work on obedience training, deep throat training, and he’ll try to teach me some humility. I’m excited but also anxious about it.  I am worried that my naturally sassy personality and diva ways are going to get me in a lot of trouble.

Also he took this picture today that shows how bruised my ass is from yesterday’s beating.


Xoxo – Babygirl


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