Today’s recap

Today started out pretty rough. A lot of bad stuff going on with my family life, on top of which I have my period so I’ve felt very sick all day.

I let Daddy know that I was not feeling very well, and may not be a very good cock-socket today, however he still chose to come over.

He arrived around 5, and was very tired from work. We talked about metal music, and cuddled and listened to some songs he thought I’d like. After a while he said “Will you successfully please Daddy today?” Of course I said yes. We kissed a little and he squeezed my nipples. Which I still find to be the most painful thing he has done to me so far. My nipples are permanently in pain now.

I was ordered to put my butt plug in, and chastised for  having taken it out. I was surprised how easily I was able to get the large plug in, especially without any foreplay. Daddy then took my leather collar and slapped my ass with it. This hurt much more than the whip or crop hurt.  He then gave me 40 slaps with it as punishment for my rebellious streak yesterday. This left my ass very bruised and swollen. I’ll include a picture he took at the end of this post.

Then I went on to pull off Daddy’s pants and suck his cock. I sucked his cock for at least an hour. My jaw was aching and I was getting frustrated mentally not being able to get him off. We discussed that perhaps more mental stimulants would help. We turned on some bdsm porn for him to watch, which I could definitely tell he enjoyed doing. But then I found myself getting distracted watching. I said “daddy, this really makes me want to take your cock in my ass”

Daddy gave me permission to ride his cock with my ass, and that he’d even allow me to use lube. I was terrified. I was barely able to take his cock with foreplay. I crawled on top of him, but lube on his cock, and to my surprise I had no problem taking his entire cock. And let me just say Daddy has a large thick cock, so I was very pleased with myself. His cock felt soooooo good inside me. This surprised me too. As I rode his cock I started to feel as if I would orgasm. I said “daddy, can I cum?” “No, not yet Babygirl”. I started to slow down a bit but he demanded I keep up the pace. I could tell Daddy liked the way he felt inside of me as well. after a bit I said “Daddy, can I please cum now?” “Yes. Cum for me Babygirl” A few more thrusts and I screamed out and pulled up off his cock. As I reached back to grab it he too shot cum out. A lot of cum. I then collapsed beside him. We laid there quietly. Taking it all in. I couldn’t believe I had taken his cock, and even more shocking that I had such an amazing orgasm from anal only, no stimulation anywhere else. I think Daddy too, was pleased. Just a week ago I didn’t think I’d ever be able to have anal sex. Before Daddy left he had me put in my largest butt plug again, and I’ll be keeping it in as much as possible for homework.

That’s it for now my darlings. Hopefully I will see him again tomorrow and have an update. For now, here is the picture of my bruised ass as promised.


Xoxo – Babygirl


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