The future is bright

I’m having fun trying to find the right dom for me ♥


-xoxo, Slut


The End.

Turns out he was just using me as a distraction from his broken relationship, and the I love yous were lies. I got very caught up and attached, perhaps because of it being my first BDSM experience.

I’m feeling broken and unwanted as a result of the lies. I feel very trapped as he somehow convinced me to move in with him.

What I’ve learned is to not be gullible, and to stand up for myself.

I only hope my next journey in the BDSM community is one that leaves me feeling less used. Maybe I need to detach from romantic connections and focus on sexual encounters.

Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Perhaps as I heal I will have new experiences to share.

-Xoxo, Broken Girl