Exploring other roles

Today I explored the role of being a mistress for a slave. And let me just say: I could get used to it.

I was nervous and wanted advice, so prior to my slave coming over I invited one of my new Dom friends to give me advice.
He showed up about half an hour before my slave. It was my first time meeting him in person, and I have to say he was not at all like my previous Dom.  I guess in my mind there was a type. But now I know that’s not true. He was very sweet and helpful and relaxed. He told me to make sure the slave is comfortable, and that he could stay and oversee.

When my slave arrived he was pleased to have the company of a Dom as well, and more than comfortable all spending the evening together. I had him mix the Dom and I drinks, and do the dishes while we watched. Once the dishes were done to my expectations I gave him permission to eat his mistress out. The Dom watched.

This went on for a while until the Dom joined in. He bit.my nipples and slapped my tits. Then he pulled out his cock. To my delight it was a really nice thick cock. He grabbed my hair, and slapped my face. All the while my slave was still doing an excellent job eating me out. The Dom fucked my throat, and ordered the slave to make sure he was also fingering my ass. Another thing that was new to me was being spit on and liking it. The Dom spit in my mouth before fucking it, which I really enjoyed.

After a while the Dom came all over my face and chest, which we made the slave lick up. That marked the end of play time. I dismissed the slave to go home. The Dom and I briefly discussed the evening but at this point it was getting late so he took off as well.

Needless to say I had a very good night, and will certainly be keeping this slave, who also comes with some Bulls!

Though my last relationship ended pretty badly I am thankful he got me into this lifestyle and that i’ve looked imto the scene. I’m really enjoying myself in a way I wouldn’t have prior to dating him.

Until next adventure.

-xoxo, Whore


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