My first experience as Dom!

This morning I had a new gentleman come over,. who is a local business owner. Being somebody who has lots of stress in his life he was really interested in finding a  younger girl to spoil in exchange for being dominated. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been spoiled by a man so I decided to give it a try and see how I like it.

From what I’ve read, being the Dom you need to make sure the sub is comfortable and know their limits. Being new to this himself he said he had no limits. So I made a joke about him drinking my urine. He quickly realized he had to put more thought into it. To start our hard lines are needle/blood play, anything to do with animals and all urine/feces play. Everything else is open to exploration!

I kept it simple for our first session. He had a punishment outstanding, so I made him bend over and keep track of the whips by counting and thanking me for each one. That was such a turn on. Hearing his voice saying “1. thank you mistress, 2. thank you mistress” etc. I could tell by his voice he was enjoying it and that honestly made me a little wet.

Once I had whipped him 20 times (for forgetting condoms), I put cuffs on his wrists and restrained him. I also put a blindfold on him. I ran a sensation wheel all over his body and watched as his hair stood up.

I attached a vibrating clip to his balls and he was clearly really into it. I told him he needed permission to cum. I sucked on his cock just a little, and went back to teasing him with the sensation wheel. I wasn’t even touching his cock (though the vibrating clip was still clamped on his balls) and he started to say “Oh no I’m going to cum” I told him he wasn’t allowed, but he did anyway. So I made him turn over for more floggings as punishment.

It wasn’t a very long play date. I think I’m going to ramp up on pain play next week. I definitely want to bring in wax candles and rope. As well I think I’ll put something in his ass. Who knows?! The possibilities are endless.

So needless to say I loved exploring my Dom side, even though I feel this was fairly tame. I can’t wait to get more into it. I guess in BDSM terms that means I’m probably a switch? Because I definitely still want to be dominated sometimes.

I don’t have as much planned for the rest of my week. Hopefully my Slave will come over this weekend sometime; laundry needs to be done, and it won’t wash itself!

-Xoxo, Whore


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