The best of the last month!

Hello lovers! 

Sorry that it has been a month. My computer broke, and I’m still waiting on a part to fix it.  Right now I’m writing this post on mobile, so please forgive grammar and if it’s shorter or less detailed than usual.

So it’s been another very kinky month for me. I’ve had some time with my current fave Dom: Kal, some sub time, hosted a Girls night, gone to a kink meet up and many sexual experiences in between.  

I’ll start with Girls Night, as that was very sexy! I thought it was going to be hanging out in pj’s and drinking and gossiping, but I guess I should know better than expecting a vanilla night when putting 4 kink girls together with alcohol! I’ve been really exploring my Domme side and have found that I am very dominant. My friends however are all very submissive.  The fun started when we were looking through my toys and one girl said “I’ve never done wax play, can you pour wax on me?” It all escalated from there. And escalated to me doing wax play on everybody and teaching them to flog. It ended in an all girl foursome on the floor. So that was unexpected and fun. Also a great bonding experience. I now have 3 friends who I can call on for group sex and threesomes any time I want! 

Part of my dominant side I’ve been exploring is dominating sissies and cucks.  And oh boy: I love this. One guy asked me what it would take for me to allow him to eat me out, so I told him a unicorn teddy bear.  He showed up with 2. After he pleasured me I made him kiss my feet and leave. There’s something empowering about using men like this. Especially knowing they get off to it. 

I’ve had some more sessions with my new sub. And can I just say wow. It is so fun to Domme in a proper dom/sub relationship. Watching his body quiver with anticipation when  I’m pouring wax on him, or putting clamps on his balls. The way I can get him off with sensation play without even touching his cock.  We’ve also been exploring humiliation, and things like me walking him around on a leash with a big butt plug in. It’s really satisfying.  I wish I could share pictures of ways I’ve had him restrained, and the things I’ve done to him, but he asks for discretion and I have no interest in breaking the trust we’ve built!

I have learned that I love dominating women or couples too. One of my friends brought a new guy over who she hoped I could teach to he more dominant and rough.  I had so much fun whipping and spanking her. And slapping her tits especially! I love seeing my handprint on others.

Group play is definitely my favourite. In fact I’m organizing an orgy at my home for next Sunday evening! I already have about 10 rsvps. So I’ll try to think to take some pictures and share that story here!

I think that’s about all I have patience  for typing on mobile right now, but now that I have it set up here I’ll check in more often with kinky stories! 

-Xoxo, Whore


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